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The show is hosted by Roy Beisswenger. There are regular appearances by engine experts to answer your Rotax and other two-stroke engine questions

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Here is What is Going on This Week!

Earl Lawrence, Experimental Aircraft Association
If you began your aviation career flying airplanes, you're probably used to a natural progression of ratings from Student through Air Transport Pilot with steps along the way like private pilot, commercial pilot, and instrument ratings. When you move into other categories of aircraft, ratings are sometimes organized a little differently, sometimes surprisingly. Earl Lawrence joins us to talk about it. Experimental Aircraft Association (1/5/10)

Dan Johnson,
A lot has been going on in light sport aircraft manufacturing and Dan Johnson gives us a review of 2009 and tells us some of the things we can look forward to seeing in 2010. (1/5/10)

Jim Sweeney, SweeneyCorp
We all know that it's a good idea to knock the snow off of your wings before you go flying, but what about that benign-looking layer of frost you might see early on a winter morning? Can it be that bad? Jim Sweeney explains the aerodynamics. SweeneyCorp (1/5/10)

Bever Borne, Air-Tech, Inc.
Lots of pilots are modifying and updating the aircraft they own instead of buying new ones when their flying needs change. But what if you want to move from wheeled landing gear to floats? Bever Borne joins us to talk about what goes into the change. Air-Tech, Inc. (1/5/10)

Jeff Goin,
If you buy your powered paragliding equipment from a dealer or instructor, the odds are good that the wing and motor are going to match each other and your weight and skill level nicely. If you head out into the used market, you are responsible for making everything fit. Jeff Goin tells us how that works. (1/5/10)

Remember, if you have any questions you want to ask the guests or if you have any of your own comments about a topic, please call the show toll free when we're live at (866) 613-1612. If you have a show idea or know of someone that could be a guest on the show (that could be you!) Contact Roy.

Hope you get a chance to listen in!

And if You Missed The Show Aired on December 29th...

Check it out below!

Earl Lawrence, Experimental Aircraft Association
Earl Lawrence joins us to talk about the joys of flying GA instead of the airlines, especially now. He also does a regulatory review for 2009. A lot seems to have happened over the past year with an increase of pressures on those wanting to fly. Experimental Aircraft Association (12/29/09)

mp3 podcast

Troy Townsend, i-tec
This year i-tec received Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award for its development of the Maverick, the flying car that really flies. Troy Townsend joins us to talk about the visit from Popular Mechanics to i-tec and why they chose to present the 2009 award for the Maverick. i-tec (12/29/09)

mp3 podcast

Jim Sweeney, SweeneyCorp
Say you've gotten a smart phone for Christmas. It makes phone calls, it takes pictures, but you still don't feel very smart because you know it does a lot more and you haven't figured it all out. Jim Sweeney joins us to talk about how the phone can be used to track more of what goes on in the world of aviation and free you from your computer. SweeneyCorp (12/29/09)

mp3 podcast

Mike Hudetz, A & M Airsports Ltd.
Wing tuning is a task unique to the world of hang gliders and trike pilots. Mike Hudetz joins us to talk about why a trike wing needs tuning and how you can go about doing it. A & M Airsports Ltd. (12/29/09)

mp3 podcast

Randy Hansen, Experimental Aircraft Association
We visit with Randy Hansen about visiting other countries and flying. Things are pretty straightforward if you have an ICAO recognized rating and your aircraft a standard airworthiness certificate. We talk about what you need to do to plan a flying trip overseas and what a guest needs to do when traveling to the USA with a desire to fly. Experimental Aircraft Association (12/29/09)

mp3 podcast

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